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July 30th, 2012 - 15:11  
Spezial Silky And Smooth Shampoo

FORTAN silky and smooth is a shampoo concentrate made of high-grade ingredients, genuine essential oils and other important substances. Removes dirt, dust, dead skin and sebaceous oils.
FORTAN silky and smooth shampoo does not contain any preservatives or colourants and is perfume-free.
This speciality acts mildly on the dog's skin and coat and has an oil-restoring effect while retaining the skin's natural, healthy smoothness, makes long hair of all kinds silky and smooth, thanks to its anti-matting properties.
Care for dogs, especially suitable for long-haired dogs.

Before bathing the dog, brush the dog's coat thoroughly. Depending on the size and breed of dog and the length of its hair, dissolve 1 to 3 dessert spoons of the shampoo - more if necessary - in a little warm water.
Wet the coat thoroughly, apply half the solution as a prewash, work in and rinse.
Use the rest of the solution to wash the hair carefully and use a wide-gap comb to separate the hairs at the same time. Finally, rinse thoroughly, rub down and dry the hair using a hairdryer, combing all the time.
After shampooing your dog, we recommend you to clean and protect its ears with  FORTAN Ear Care.

Surfactant compounds, glcerine, citric acid, allantoin, essential oils, water.



SPEZIAL - SHAMPOO  (Shampoo u/ bulu panjang)

500 ml 

5000 ml


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