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July 30th, 2012 - 15:10  
Universal Fluid

FORTAN Universal-Fluid effectively protects your pet against fleas, lice, mites, ticks, biting lice etc.
100 % success is guaranteed. 
FORTAN Universal-Fluid a carefully selected combination of ingredients for treating the pet's immediate environment.
Fleas, in particular, will only spend time in the pet's coat while feeding, after which they leave the pet again.
The four stages of development of a flea take place to a large extent, in the immediate vicinity of the pet - in his basket, on his blankets, in carpets etc. and not on the pet itself.
FORTAN Universal-Fluid  against vermin in the immediate vicinity of your dog.
Liberally spray the pet's favourite resting place and the area around them (e.g. carpets, cracks in the floor etc.)
Where parasites are numerous, repeat the application.


Ingredients per 100 ml: Lavandin oil 0.8 g, permethrin (cis-trans 25:75) 0.1 g, Pyrethrum extract (natural active ingredient of chrysanthemes), Piperonyle butoxid 0.5 g.

Size of spray bottle:
125 bzw. 500 ml,
5.000 ml (can)
Safety instructions:
FORTAN Universal-Fluid is flammable, keep the container firmly closed, keep away from naked flame. Do not smoke.
Do not store close to human or animal foods. Cover aquariums and animal cages while spraying.




500 ml 

125 ml 



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