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July 30th, 2012 - 15:09  
Magnesium Gluconat

FORTAN Magnesium gluconate  normalises coronary and liver functions and harmonises metabolism.
In particular when females are pregnant or feeding their young, they will need additional quantities of magnesium.
When extreme situations are anticipated, FORTAN Calcium gluconate  should be given in good time. FORTAN Calcium gluconate  in the evenings and  FORTAN Magnesium gluconate  in the mornings.
This can be valuable aid in reducing stress factors surrounding e.g. birth, prevents tetany during birth to a large extent.
Apart from stress situations (e.g. suckling, exhibitions, performance tests) it is not necessary to feed additional doses provided the regular daily amounts - provided mainly by Cafortan -  cover requirements.
FORTAN Magnesium gluconate is a single-ingredient dog food.

Magnesium 5,9%.
Feeding instructions:

up to  10 kg body weight = 1/4 tsp daily,

up to 20 kg = 1/2 tsp daily

up to 30 kg = 3/4 tsp daily

> 30 kg = 1 tsp daily

1 level  teaspoon FORTAN Magnesium-Gluconat =  ca. 3,0 g.



MAGNESIUM GLUCONAT (u/ mencegah stress pd saat hamil)

90 gr


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