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It all started in 2005, the year we can’t forget. We discovered how much the needs of high quality pet products in Indonesia are really strong and we took a big step to provide them with the Best Products from Germany. We became Sole Agent for Fortan, Schweikert and Meradog for Indonesia.

We started to supply the customers with Fortan’s products and they show a really tremendous impact into the dog’s community in Indonesia until now. We learnt that Indonesia as land with tropical climate needs something more than just a normal dog food. That can only sufficient through supplements. And Fortan really answers that needs and covers not only the basics but it helps more to achieve great breeding and better improvement thanks to its natural ingredients and more than 60 years experiences.

On the other side the questions of how to achieve good training are getting more intensive and the dog trainers need desperately high quality equipments and accessories. With Schweikert we provide dog trainers with really high quality equipments, which have been tested along with the German’s military in design and development.  With details and accuracy Schweikert has always been the best choice for dog sport and dog competition not just in Germany but also worldwide.

And for the segment dog food we choose only Meradog because it shows not only competency in this area but also high quality in its ingredients and products. With long experiences this brand has increased bigger and better. For five stars dog food we can rely on Meradog.

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CV. Mitraco Harapan Jaya
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